Calamity is a flashy reverse brindle.  What is there to say about Cammy
Jane? In one word, eccentric.  Calamity likes to think she is in control.  
She has perfected the "what are you looking at?" look.  She is a sweet
girl, but very protective and hence can be vocal when the mood strikes.  
Calamity loves to sit on your lap and be spoken to in soothing tones.  Her
favorite game is to instigate and stir up a game of boxing.  Cammy pretty
much does what she wants whether it be to sit on the lawn mower or act
like a cat (see below).  But, at the end of the day, she snuggles in with the
other boxers and gets ready for another round.

*Calamity Jane has been retired from breeding*
© 2006
© 2006