customer comments
First of all, I would like to thank you for allowing us the
opportunity to adopt one of your puppies. As you know,
we adopted one of your puppies from your previous litter.
The puppy that we adopted was named Willie by you and
was the son of Calamity and Harley. We have changed
his name to Brady
Words can not describe how much we love Brady. He is
the most loveable dog that we have every had. He gives
us hugs and kisses on a daily basis. He wraps his arms
around our shoulders to give us a huge just like Harley
did when we visited you. His posture reminds us of
Calamity, especially how he sits. He always wants to be
right by our sides. Everyone that meets him says he is
the sweetest dog. In addition to him loving us, he also
loves to be around other dogs. He is always very friendly
with other dogs. He has a brother who is also a boxer and
he plays with him all day. Although his is very friendly, he
is also very protective of myself and my husband. I find
this to be very comforting.
In addition, he is a very healthy and active dog. He is full
of muscles and has such a wonderful thick coat. Our vet
told us we are very lucky to have adopted a dog from
such a great breeder and we could not agree more. Our
dog trainer also compliments his demeanor as well as his
physical appearance. Finally, I would and do recommend
you as a breeder and your puppies to everyone. When
the time comes that my husband and are going to adopt
another puppy, it will definitely be one of yours. Once
again, we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to
have our hearts touched so much by Brady. I have
attached some pictures of him and would be honored if
you would put them and this letter on your web-site.
Sheila and Mike
We got Loudo "Lou" from you at the
end of march/beginning of April last
year, and he is going to be 11 months
in January. He was the "Junior" of the
litter, and he was from Harley and
Calamity....He is happy, healthy and
really a good boy-most of the time :),
we love him a whole lot. Thanks!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
- The Baums
We bought Tif from you in April. Her name is now Ginger. We
stayed with the spice family, since our old boxer was Cinnamon.
I have been wanting to email and tell you how great she is
doing. You will see from the pictures she is very active and
probably hit one of the jackpot prizes with getting us. She gets
to vacation every weekend in Lake George (NY) and I think she
would rather be there all the time.
We love her to death. She can be a little wild sometimes, but of
course she is a boxer puppy. I think when she grows up she is
going to be WONDERFUL.
Thanks a lot, hope you are well and enjoy the pictures.


Wanted to give you an update on Jezzabelle. These
pics were taken July 4th weekend, as you can see she
has grown quite a bit.

We cannot tell you all enough how happy we are to
have Jezze as part of our family. She loves to go for
walks and she loves going to daycare 1 day a week to
play with her puppy friends. Everyone we run into
compliments us on how beautiful she is. And I can say
we could not agree more. She loves being the center of
attention, and if we are out walking and somebody we
pass does not acknowledge her, you cam almost see
the disappointment on her face.

She is also getting her “big doggie bark”. And starting to
alert us when people come to the house.We are
thinking she also has a little bit of her grandma
(Calamity?) in her. She pulled away from Mike the other
week and ran towards the pool and jumped in. He
quickly ran and got her out. But she has no fear of the
pool, when we are down around the pool with her, she is
running around it. All it did was scare the life out of

Thanks again for blessing us with Jezze,

Mike and Sheila
Hi Donna.
Just wanted to provide you with an update on known as

To be honest, we were a bit nervous bringing him home as we already
have our four year old male Boxer, Champ.  We were pretty protective
of Sarge the first day.  Champ was VERY interested in his new brother
and quite tense.  We decided to involve a trainer at our local Kennel
as we wanted a smooth transition.  She met with us on the second day
and we all became more relaxed.  She really didn't have to intervene
at all and the pups became acquainted on their own.

Champ is very accepting of Sarge and loves to play...even shares his
toys without issue.  I think he enjoys having a frisky puppy around.

Sarge is exploring his new home and we are just in love with him.  He
has the sweetest personality.

Arya is something else! She's a very very busy girl! I want you to know just how loved she is and the great life she's living.
She goes to doggy daycare at least twice a week and is one of the most playful dogs there. She gets along with everyone

She's also very busy with different classes that I keep her enrolled in. One of the biggest surprises for me is just how great
she is at nose work! She's been through a few nose work classes and she really excels at it. She gets very excited and
seems to really enjoy it. A couple months ago she attended her first odor recognition test. She got two out of three and only
missed the last one due to exhaustion. She can now compete in nose work trials.

She also aced her AKC K9 Good Citizen test. She passed that one with flying colors so we took on the extra challenge of
testing for Therapy Dogs International. I didn't really expect her to pass because, like most boxers, she's still a bit of a
jumper. She proved me wrong again and knocked it out of the park! She's now a registered therapy dog and I can't wait to
see her bring a fraction of the joy she brings me to others.

Her most recent adventure is in agility classes. She's been taking classes for a few weeks now and she's been progressing
very well. The instructor is very impressed with her! She was initially pretty scared of the tunnel but I think we've conquered
that. She tackles each new obstacle better than the last!

I can't begin to describe the amount of joy she brings me. The personality in her is just like no other. She makes me laugh
more than I ever thought possible each and every day.